Why Buying The Perfect Mens Wedding Shoes Is Important

Buying mens wedding shoes is a challenging job. In addition to the various things you need to sort out as the date quickly approaches, this might become stressful. However, Pelle Lavori has excellent news for you: your search ends here. You will (ideally) only get married once. Therefore you should choose your footwear carefully. Regardless of the sort of suit you're wearing, we will make you breathe easier as you take this step to exchange vows.

This blog on choosing men's wedding shoes will discuss the available footwear alternatives. You will learn which shoe style can look best with your suit and other key considerations for your big day. Be sure to read to the end because we'll reveal a little secret about where you can buy the best wedding shoes for men.

What Types Of Shoes Do men Typically Wear On Weddings?

Before explaining which shoes are ideal for your wedding, we will examine the three primary categories. These consist of the following:

Each form of wedding shoe has distinct advantages. But depending on the etiquette of your wedding and your taste, one variety may be the best option. So, let's examine each alternative in greater detail.

Oxfords - The Most Formal Option

Oxfords represent the most formal option for wedding day footwear. They have a closed lacing system and are often constructed of leather or patent leather. Avoid footwear with extremely pointed toes. For a black-tie wedding, Our SERPENTE BRA is the best footwear of choice for you.

Loafers: A Stylish and Casual Option That May Still Be Formal

This may be a spoiler, but MARMO is unquestionably our top pick for men's wedding shoes. Slippers or loafers are a fantastic option for men who desire something fashionable but less traditional. They are available in various colors, allowing you to easily pick a pair that complements your wedding theme. If you like to display your personality and sense of style on your wedding day, consider the following tips.

Derby: The Ideal Balance of Casual and Formal

Derby shoes are timeless and comfortable dress shoes appropriate for formal occasions where a suit is normally worn. However, their simple yet elegant style makes them suitable for pairing with smart casual attire, such as jeans or wool trousers. Derby shoes feature an open lacing system shoe like OSCAR OXB, a more comfortable option.

How To Buy Mens Wedding Shoes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you know the three distinct varieties of men's wedding shoes, which style best suits you? There is no wrong choice among these three. It will largely depend on individual preference. Pelle Lavori is now going to outline the remaining elements you should consider when selecting men's shoes for a wedding:

Standard Of Your Wedding

Your wedding's overall level of standard should be your first consideration. Normally, we would advise you to wear oxfords to a black-tie event. But nowadays? Slippers and loafers can appear equally elegant and formal.

The Color Of Your Outfit

The next consideration is the color of your suit. You should ensure that your footwear complements your outfit. For instance, brown loafers would be an excellent pick if you are wearing a navy blue suit. It's quite easy to match your shoes to your suit, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we'll make a suggestion.

The Time Of Year Of Your Wedding

The time of your wedding will also influence your shoe selection. If it's summer, you should avoid wearing anything too bulky or hot. However, derby shoes might be a terrific way to keep your feet warm for winter and fall weddings.

Your Choice

You should also ensure that your footwear reflects your style. If you are more traditional, you may want to wear oxfords. If you are more fashion-forward, loafers or Derbies may be more suitable. Considering this is your wedding, nobody can tell you what to wear (other than your future wife, of course!). It is entirely up to you!

Customization Capabilities

Customization is an additional factor when searching for the right wedding shoe. You may want to cherish the day for years to come by having your shoes engraved with your name, the date, or anything else. Your guys may wish to participate as well. However, not all shoe manufacturers permit this. And many who do so make it difficult. Look for Pelle Lavori, which makes it simple to personalize your wedding shoes.


That's all there is to it. Pelle Lavori has guided you on how to select men's wedding shoes. As you now know, there are a variety of styles from which to choose. However, we suggest loafers or slippers for a trendy and contemporary look. These are our favorite, and you'll understand why once you see how they appear on your own feet.

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