11.11 Sale: Grab Mens Formal And Casual Shoes

Pelle Lavori's 11.11 SALE is only valid for items in limited supply! Get the newest styles from our range of stylish Loafers, Monks, Derbys, Oxfords, Sandals and belts and wallets at amazing prices! Our most popular products are heavily discounted during our 11.11 SALE! Shop now and get amazing savings on all of our items!

11.11 Big Sale On Loafers

Loafers are the more elegant and comfortable alternative in footwear for guys. Loafers, often known as slip-on shoes since they lack lace and other fastenings, have gained popularity as the ideal shoes for dressing up or down. Leather and now even suede are two materials associated with loafer shoes. As a result, make your choice and enjoy the best Handbag for any combination. There are loafers for everyone at our 11.11 sale.

11.11 Big Sale On Monks

Unlike traditional tie bands, monk strap shoes are distinguishable from their oxford or derby kin by using leather straps & metal buckles to secure them. That's why phrases like single monk strap or double monk strap shoes exist; they refer to the number of straps. Furthermore, with various colors and styles, you will undoubtedly discover the monks that better suit your preferences. Grab one (or two) now before they're gone!

11.11 Big Sale On Derby

Derby shoes are a timeless and comfortable dress shoe style suitable for formal occasions where a suit is typically worn. However, their simple yet classy design makes them appropriate for wearing smart-casual clothing, like jeans or wool pants. Because of their open-lacing mechanism.  Hurry over with our 11.11 big sale and get a deal before it's too late.

11.11 Big Sale On Oxford

Three qualities distinguish Oxford shoes. The lacing mechanism's bottom is closed (closest to your toes). This is the fundamental distinction between Oxford and a Derby shoe with open top and bottom lacing. This quality style makes Oxfords better form-fitting and streamlined, giving them a more formal appearance. We offer something that will fulfill your needs. Please read over our 11.11 offer and take full advantage of it before it ends.

11.11 Big Sale On Sandals And Mules

Sandals are a style of footwear that exposes the front of the feet. The sole is typically thin and clings to your foot via one or more straps. The primary strap is often worn across the instep of your foot. And, with the 11.11 Big sale on sandals and mules, you can get one (or more!) of these proper shoes for a fraction of the price. However, stocks are scarce, and these deals will not last long!

11.11 Big Sale On Accessories


You can choose our leather Belts for various fashion purposes, including casual styling ensembles and tying too-large professional pants with suspenders. If you're trying to find a new belt for a clear objective, it's a good idea to educate yourself on the many belt kinds available.


Pelle Lavori's Leather wallet is a flat case or pouch that is commonly used to hold small personal things such as currency notes, credit cards, identification documents such as a driver's license, identification card, club card, photos, transit pass, business cards, and other paper and laminated cards.

Don't miss the opportunity for our 11.11 Sale! Shop now to save money on your Belt and Wallet purchase!

Final words

With our 11.11 sale, you may get the best online Leather shoes in Pakistan at a lesser price than you could have anticipated. These Mens Shoes are of high quality and will draw attention wherever you go. So, what are you waiting for?


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