Learn The Art of Wearing Casual Loafers


A wide range of loafers is available, from the most casual to the most formal, patent leather tuxedo. Depending on the rest of your outfit, loafers like simple leather and penny loafers can seem either casual or formal. When deciding on a pair of loafers, think about how the color, pattern, and cut will complement the rest of your outfit. You may easily include loafers into your clothing with the right hue, design, and attire advice.

Choosing Loafers

If you want something casual, wear a pair of leather loafers. Pelle Lavori recommends loafers made of suede, lightweight textures, or simple leather if you need a pair of shoes that you can wear with casual and formal attire.

  • Choose patent leather loafers for a classy look.
  • Opt for suede and lightweight textural loafers in the spring and the summer.
  • When shopping for shoes to wear in the winter, look for durable materials like leather.

Dress Casually

To match your loafers, wear any color of jeans or khakis.

  • Long pants and shorts will suffice. Add a shirt or sweater.
  • For example, you can wear light-colored denim leggings with a white blouse and our MONACO BRA.
  • Try on your favorite shirt in a dark, striped blue for sophisticated casual.

Wear A Suit

For a polished look, pair suede loafers with clean suiting. Penny loafers and tassel loafers with gloss look best with a suit. You can, however, wear a fitted cotton suit with black leather loafers.

Wear Chinos

The Cotton linen pants in light or dark colors look great with loafers. 

  • You can dress up in Khaki, green, and blue pants with a jacket or dress shirt and shoes.
  • Wear slim-leg chinos with tassel loafers in brown, navy, Khaki, or tan.
  • With chinos, simple suede or leather loafers offer interest. If you maintain your ensemble in the same color family, such as green or blue, you might wear a bolder color of suede loafers.

Wear loafers with invisible socks

When wearing shorts and cropped pants in warm weather, choose invisible socks over going sockless. The socks keep your feet dry and odor-free. You may also notice that your shoes are more comfortable.

Tip: Regularly Clean And Polish Your Maintain Leather Loafers.


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